[XP] How to change WIN+E Startup Folder?

Hello there,

I know about the DO Launching Options but they don't seem to be sufficient.

I set DO as Explorer Replacement and as I am a big fan of keyboard shortcuts I am using WIN+E all the time to bring up DO.
One thing I dislike about opening DO this way is that in my default split-view lister the top lister always opens on "My Computer" - the bottom lister correctly opens the last viewed folder.

What I want: Always open the last used listers in both lister views.

If I would close DO with C:\FolderX in the top lister and with D:\FolderY in the bottom lister and I would hit WIN+E I want these folders restored.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction,


Win-E isn't an Opus hotkey, it's a Windows hotkey which explicitly opens My Computer in the default file manager.

If you want it to open another folder, create a Win-E hotkey which overrides the default one via Customize -> Keys. When creating the new hotkey, you have to turn on the System-wide hotkey checkbox before it will allow you include the Win key in the hotkey, so set the checkbox before defining the key.

I've also noticed that Opus isn't always able to override Windows hotkeys like Win-E on some computers. If it doesn't seem to work you might have to use a different hotkey. Opus defines Win-O by default to open a new window showing your default start folder.

The command the hotkey should run is Go NEW

Thank you Leo, I was thinking of using the system wide hotkeys but thought there might be an alternative.

Working like a charm on my system! (WIN+O is just too far away from my left non-mouse-using hand)

Thanks for your quick reply.