Yet another question about Dopus-Listary integration

I've tried to find solution in old threads but ultimately failed to find anything that works as I want it to work.

It seems like other than mouse middle-click (which is very inconvenient for me), the only way to call for Listary's menu is to use a hotkey. I'd like to utilize 'File displays->Mouse->Double-click on file display background' function, so I could use double-click.

Now, I'm struggling to create a proper command to either pass hotkey combination or open/execute 'menu.ahk' file (Autohotkey script with hotkey combination). Please help!

Opus can run any command you want when you double-click the file display background.

As to what you should run to make Listary do something, that's a question you might need to ask the author of Listary.

Well, I know exactly what I need to run. As I've stated above - I have to run either a command passing key combination or command opening a file. But I'm lost among numerous Dopus commands - which one should I use?

Commands can't send hotkeys, although a script could. That gets a bit complicated though.

Is there not a command-line argument you can run Listary with to make it do what you want? That is the normal way to do things. Generating hotkeys to trigger commands can work but is less common.

If you want to run an ahk script, I think you can just specify the path to the script, but I'm not sure.

You can test commands without Opus being involved at all by running them from a Windows Command Prompt to see what happens.

I believe there are none.

you can just specify the path to the script

So how can I do that?

Put the path to the akh file into the box.

That's assuming you can run akh files like that. (e.g. That double-clicking an akh file runs it.) I don't know much about ahk, I'm afraid.

Have you checked with Listary's author? If there isn't one, they might be able to add one.

Thanks, it works! I thought I had to use some command to open a file. And yes, Autohotkey scripts work simply by opening *.ahk file. Anyway, I'm so glad this solution works! It seemed for a moment (considering lots of previous users' attempts) that proper integration was impossible.

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Might be worth sharing the ahk script and details with them if there are other threads about it.