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You people are unbelievable!

This program and its staff has made my computing a dream. Thank you so much. Happy new year 2020! :smile:


Today a colleague called me for help with renaming files with an underscore in them. I quickly showed my colleague the renaming feature of Opus. It blew him away. He was very impressed; I am sure he will buy the program. The files were all video files so he through a pun (so he thought) at me that next, he would like to convert the *.mkv and *.ts files into *.mp4. I then showed him the button I have in my Opus config that automates converting a selected file just like so via FFMPEG. He told me this would change his life. I explained to him that this is just routine (light) work for Opus. He is thrilled.

Opus helps me as a programmer, database creator, a backup specialist, and all the other things I do with computers. What I do is handle contracts to make companies more automated and efficient. I like to share my web development and projects. I even have some Opus scripts like one for backup via Acronis Backup I hope to share with the community when I find the time. As for my other work for private companies, they tend to have strict disclosure rules about sharing or showing projects. However, here is something I can share. It is a script I wrote for Adobe Premiere.

Render Marker regions to clips in Premiere Pro


I am late for a trip. I am doing last minute stuff. Stuff like look for files I do not want to forget for work. Moving things from my desktop and Mac to my laptop via my network. I also moving music to my Android phone. I am sitting here laughing about how difficult this could be if I did not have Directory Opus. Laughing... this program its staff and community are the BOMB!