Your best Dopus Time Saver Tips


I am looking for some ideas and see how you use Dopus to gain time (a lot of time). So my quest is to find the top time-saver tips. This is a nice way to expose Dopus to new users and to show some of its benefits.

Here are a few things I use Dopus for on a regular basis that allow me to save time.
[li]I have set up group-tabs that open multiple tabs, each pointing to different network locations. This allows me with just one click to open a whole series of related network locations that deal with one specific vendor. So I can access the location with the vendor contract, the vendor’s invoices, a location to track vendor financial statistics, etc. So with one click I have always access to all I need to know about vendor X (or Y). I don’t have to think and search anymore (where again did we put that document a few years ago). I would love to expand this idea by adding tabs that open a few internet explorer windows in other tabs (e.g. the vendor’s network site) but I do believe that this is not possible (I can use the network preview add-in to show a network page – but that is not what I would like to see).[/li]
[li]I added some icons to Dopus to directly access specific folders (an example is a Dropbox icon to access my Dropbox folder)[/li]
[li]One of the things I like is that Dopus retains the history of tree structures. So if I open a list of subfolders in a tree and then close the parent folder (pressing the minus sign) and then press the + sign again to open the subfolders, my previously opened subfolder structure is retained so I don’t have to open each subfolder that I am/was interested in again from scratch.[/li][/ul]


Since v11, I must admit, DO does not really save me any time at all. I'm constantly visiting this place, I poke around in scripts and snippets and eventually end up with less spare time than before. I still consider this a good thing, as a lot of fun is involved. o)

Maybe in V12 one of the new features should be fewer features? :slight_smile:

Hell no! Keep them coming! o))
I don't drown yet, I rather enjoy learning new tricks every day. o)