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Zion's screenshots (merged)


Wanna see what's under the hood?


Great work, man. Much more funky than something I'd personally use :grin: , but I like how it all fits together.
I just found out about this program today, and seeing how every single detail can be customized, I think I won't be going back to Windows Explorer. :grin:

Btw, the buttons at the top — are those images, or you can actually use gradients to color the program fonts?


I think those are images since the frame and background of those top buttons is also custom (and different to the scrollbars and list header, so probably not coming from a Windows theme).


Leo is right, They are images, PNGs to be specific. I use PNG for all my toolbar buttons because their native size is respected 100% of the time (icon sizes can change depending on settings in windows and opus).

One thing I hope they will change in the future is the 'look' of the tabs, although the colors are customizable their 'style' looks like windows 95.


Tabs can use the Windows visual style, but it looks like you've got Windows itself set to look like Windows 95. :slight_smile:


Yeah I have visual styles off, and I'm using Server 2003 as my OS. The styles are for Vista/Windows Seven. And I'm not upgrading anytime soon I love the xp kernel!
So that means no Tab Styles for me, so I guess I'll be uninstalling DOPUS, can't have that!


XP has visual styles as well, although they may have been disabled in Server editions since they're not intended to be used interactively except for brief periods by admins to login & configure stuff.


What is XP kernel? You mean NT.


I just had an epiphany!


No reason to behave like a little child, but I'm happy that you've learned something! Regards.


"XP kernel" seems fine to me. That's the XP-era version of the NT kernel, just like there is a Windows 7 kernel which isn't the same as the NT4 or XP kernels.

I think all Zion meant was that Server 2003 is like Windows XP, since they are ~95% the same OS internally, just tuned for different workloads.


@Leo: Talking about XP kernel on XP maybe ok, but on Windows Server definetely not. Also XP bases on Server 2000, not 2003. But hey, it was not my intention to start a discussion or to attack somebody - it was just a correction.


Really Nice. I like the background of the lists very much, where are they from?


I like your column separators. :smiley:

Btw, I know that you can add grid lines between the rows, or you can use the grid lines where every other row is highlighted, but you seem to have both in this pic... how? (you have every other row highlighted, and white lines between that... is it possible to do that in DO, or you photoshopped the background?)

Also, I've set a single background that's used for both file displays via Display->Images->File Display. What's the best way to set a different image for each file display?


I implemented Tabs, using Windows Seven now. Everything you see is 100% OPUS.
The Color of the File selection outlines is not customizable when using the 'Window Seven styles' so it's turned off.
I'm also using POWER Mode instead of Details Mode, it is quite cool.

I'm a graphic designer,photographer,programmer,web designer ( is my site).
These buttons (mostly three button types) represent a lot of command line programz and other stuff too cool to mention.
I'll mention one Really cool button. See the middle toolbar with the Pathbar,filter field, and command field. I have TWO of them with identical fields but different buttons altogether (I ran out of room for buttons).
I toggle between them with the command below which is tied to otherwise unused keyboard key 'pause'.

Toolbar NAME="2" TOGGLE state=top line=1
Toolbar NAME="3" TOGGLE state=top line=1


Implemented Carbon Fiber in Thumbnail mode, and as backdrop to buttons (very very subtle).


I've merged all your screenshot threads together. Hope you don't mind.


It's cool to see the progression.


If you only knew what was under the hood, the UI pales in comparison.
BTW that's a PowerPro Bar up top (), (it use to be an Opus Locked Floater but it no longer stays put for some reason)


Anyone want a RED pill?