Zip/Archive Scirpt options when initating from a button script

Hello, I had been using a method of zipping files or folders from a button that i pretty much copied/pasted form an old post and while it is fully functional i was wondering if there was a newer way or alternatives for use with Directory Opus 13 that would allow controlling archive flags being sent to the ZIP routine to suppress the popup or use a password in the zip that is created.
Old Reference Post : Create Dated Zip

I would like the ability to be able to ..

  1. Either Suppress the popup that appears. But only suppress it from the script as i do need it sometimes when using the gui to right click and add to archives but set passwords formy archives. (What i think is the "Ask for encryption/compression settings when copying into Zip files" within the main directory opus preferences and this popup "dont ask me this question again" .
  2. Or be able to script the button/script to provide the Add to Archive Encryption Level Method and Password.

My Button Script Using:
COPY ZIP HERE CREATEFOLDER {file|noext}-{date|yyyyMMdd}-{time|hhmm}
//COPY ZIP CREATEFOLDER {file|noext}-{date|yyyyMMdd}-{time|hhmm} TO "._Zips"

I tried reading thru some of the documentation and this forum for things related to ADDTOARCHIVE and ZIPS but havent been able to stumble on to anything that stood out for me and was hoping someone more familiar with the scripting or this functionality may be able to give feedback.

I don't think there is a built-in way to create multiple encrypted archives with just one password prompt.

You could do it by running an external archiving tool from Opus (e.g. 7-Zip or WinRAR), passing the password via the command-line after having Opus prompt for it.

Thanks for the quick response Leo. I can do as you suggested and use command line and 7-Zip for when i need to do similar.

I was mainly trying to see if Dopus had any built in flags/arguments or commands to add to the script call syntax that would act as the arguments for the built in call to use that would disable the popup all together(ignoring using any password) or use such provided flag/argument as the password to build the zip with. I saw in main app preference settings i could disable that popup for everyhting, but i actually like having it for when im in the GUI to add to zips needing differing passwords and such.

The pop-up is optional. You get it if the command uses ADDTOARCHIVE and don't get it if the command uses ARCHIVE instead.

That would be perfect.. However, when i used "ARCHIVE" it still generated the pop up?

THis is my script now that i changed to, this still presented me with the pop up.
COPY ARCHIVE HERE CREATEFOLDER {file|noext}-{date|yyyyMMdd}-{time|hhmm}

behind the scenes my Directory Opus Main Preferences is set to "Ask for encryption/compression settings when copying into Zip files." Must this also be set to disabled even for scripting, it does work then, but i didnt want to loose that popup when working thru the gui if possible.

Turning that option off won't affect what Copy ADDTOARCHIVE does - that will always show the dialog.

Thanks for all the info guys!