Zip autoextract doesnt work (as it should) in Dopus

I was trying to use the default setting of autoextract for zip files but when I double clicked exe file in an archive nothing happened and I and got error in exe execution.

Temp solution, use right click on exe file and select autoextract.

I have the same problem...

I setup a pattern to autoextract my ZIPs when doubleclicking on a jpg and it doesn't work

I used *.jpg as pattern without any response. Also used #?.jpg and even regular expressions with no luck.

I think there is a bug with this feature when using patterns.

This seems to work for me. In the screenshot I've set the pattern to *.exe and I've just double-clicked notepad.exe on the left. On the right you can see that Opus has automatically extracted the contents of the zip to the temp directory.

It's possible that auto-extract doesn't work for *.jpg if you've got the Opus viewer set to handle JPG files. (I haven't tested this either way so it might work as well.) I can't think why you would want auto-extract turned on for *.jpg if you were using the internal viewer, though, so I'm guessing you're not?

My apologies. There was indeed a bug here and it should be fixed the next update.


=) The reason for the *.jpg pattern:
I have lots of scanned comics and mangas compressed in zip/rar. The viewer I use is xnview, it has some features that are mising in the opus built-in viewer (maybe I will post a request of them).
Because they are inside an archive I can't use the next/prev feature, thats why I use that pattern for autoextract.

I know I can: open the archive / select files using a pattern (if not opus will open all files including non images) / click on opus viewer and use mouse scroll to change pics. But is easier just to double click an image and let the viewer do the rest.

Maybe there are a better way I don't know... =?


PS: Sorry for my very bad english ^_^;

That seems fair enough.

Jon has sent me a test version with this fix in it (and a few others) and I can confirm that using auto-extract patterns with image files works fine so you shouldn't have any problems once the next update is out.


And thanks for the quick replay!


Opus is out with the fix I mentioned:[ul][li]...[/li]
[li] Fixed Zip Auto Extract by filename pattern[/li]
[li]...[/li][/ul]Full list of changes here: [Directory Opus