ZIP extract error


I have a problem extracting ZIP archives using the latest Opus 11 version available.
Please download the following Aida64 zip package and try to extract. I get an error 'file not found' zip error 9.
Winrar, winzip, 7zip etc extracts it fine.

Any ideas?

download link

The zip extracted without issues here on two machines, Opus 11 and Opus 12.

The first time I extracted it on this machine, there was a lengthy delay writing the .exe file while my antivirus scanned it, which is unusual. I would look at whether your antivirus may be blocking the file, possibly only when it is written by some programs and not others. (I don't think there is a virus, but it might be a file that triggers more interest from a/v scanners than most, perhaps.)

Trying extraction in a different folder may also be worth testing. e.g. Check if the problem still happens if you extract the file to your desktop folder.

I figured it out. Seems I had odd permissions on my program file x86 folder.
Trusted Installer was Owner and Administrators did not have full permissions.
So, I took ownership and made sure admins had full perms and all is OK now.
Very odd how that changed.