Zip files as e-mail attachments


I want to use various functions of DOpus as much as possible, rather than having separate applications installed. So, I use DOpus' zip file function.

When I double-clicked on a zip file that was an e-mail attachment when I used WinZip, it opened a WinZip window where I could see the zipped files and also open individual files. With DOpus, if I do the same thing, QuickView Plus (which I have installed) opens a window and shows the zipped files, and when I try to open a .doc file, for instance, it does not open in Word but in QuickView Plus.

I know that this is well over my head, so I would like to ask if there is any way to open the zip file in DOpus when I double-click on it as an attachment, and then, if I try to open one of the files in the zip file, it would open in its application?


Hans L

What happens if you double-click a Zip file on your Desktop?

(The actual full-screen Desktop behind all other windows, not the Desktop folder when viewed inside of Opus.)

The zip file opesn in a window in DOPus in

C:\Documents and Settings[My name]\Desktop

and if I try to open a .doc file, for example, it opens in Word. Perfect behavior.

Hans L

You're not just getting confused by the viewer pane are you? If the viewer pane is open, a single click on a file will load it into there, and if you have QVP and the multiview plugin installed this will result in QVP displaying the zip file in the viewer pane. A double-click, however, should still open the folder in Opus.

Hm, Jon, not sure I follow. I did not have the viewer pane open, no. I have the multiview plugin.

No, what I am talking about is when I click on the zip file attachment in my e-mail client, can I get it to pen in DOpus?

Hans L

I am sorry, I can see now from my first message how misleading it was.

Hans L

If double-clicking a zip file on the Desktop does something different to double-clicking a zip file in your mail client, then it must be down to your mail client.

It may be launching the zip file with a particular verb (e.g. "Preview" which QVP might handle), or it may even be calling QVP directly, I guess.

Well, Nudel, doesn't it come down to "How does my e-mail client know that I have set DOpus as my default zip file handler?"

When I had WinZip, obviously it told my e-mail client that it was the zip file client. (because I did not tell my e-mail client that WinZip was the zip file handler). Could I get DOpus to do the same?


Hans L

If Opus is configured as the default Zip handler then the default verb on the Zip filetype will open Opus.

If the mail client isn't calling the default verb then Opus can't help that, except by explicitly replacing whichever verb the mail client happens to assume is always the default. So Opus is telling the mail client that it is the default zip handler, but the mail client isn't listening.

Of course, this is assuming that my theory on why the wrong program is opening is correct.

What happens if you right-click a zip file on the desktop? Which actions/verbs are listed at the top of the menu? Do any of them open QVP?

When I right-click on a zip file on the desk top, on top is (bold) "Open in Directory Opus".

However, there is no File Type setting for zip files (and rar files are not even listed). I have set DOpus as default. Does not work now, so Iwill restart the computer and see if that does the trick. I'll be bakk!

Hans L

Is Make Opus the system default handler for ZIP files turned on in Preferences - ZIP Files - Integration?

For me, if that is on, then Opus seems to take over the Open verb, which is also made the default (bold).

It's only if I turn off that option that I see an Open in Directory Opus option when right-clicking Zip files.

I cannot remember why, but I have decided not to check that option. It screwed things up before.

Now, I det Dopus as the default "Opener" of zip files. That did not solve my e-mail problem. However, when I set the Actions – Open to dopus.exe, and I double-click on zil file attachments, they open in DOpus and when I click on, for instance, a doc file, it now opens in Word.

"Problem" solved. Thank you for your kind help, Nudel and Jon.

Best regards,

Hans L