Zip selected folder, doesn't include the selected folder as root of archive

I'm using 'Copy ZIP' to create a zip of the selected files/folders. But I'm having a minor issue. If I select a folder named "Pizza" and zip that... I get a file named But, the root of that archive is not Pizza, but rather the contents of Pizza. How do I resolve that? Note, if I select two folders and zip... I do get both folders in the root of the archive as expected. So, Copy does seem to be acting intentionally with just one folder.

Copy ZIP=keepfolder will do what you want.

(Copy ARCHIVE=keepfolder if you want to use the newer argument name. The old ZIP argument still works for compatibility but was changed when support for other archive types was added.)

Thx Leo. The change to ARCHIVE explains why I couldn't find the topic in the docs.

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