Zip won't open

I updated from 10.0.0 to 10.5.7 as a result of the discussion here: Can't get SFTP to connect

It may be coincidental, but now I can't see into a zip I created with 10.0.0. Each file extraction says "unsupported compression method" (each file is correctly listed in the status report). What to do?

Is it a zip that could be shared so we can try opening it here?

Can other archive tools open it?

It's over 500MB.

I may have told you wrong - it's possible the zip was the result of a Dropbox download*. I have performed the same download again, and I get a zip file which DOpus 10.5.7 won't list in the lister, but this time a manual extraction does retrieve the actual files (the previous zip won't even do that).

  • A multiple-file download from Dropbox is packaged as a zip, in this case 96 jpegs each about 7MB.

Is there a way I can revert to 10.0.0 and verify what I think I'm seeing?

Dropbox generates invalid zip files which older versions of Opus couldn't handle.