12.23.x64 build 7655 freezing on Win 10.0.19041

I have been using DO for many years and never experienced this problem. Moments after launching the application freezes for no clear reason. This occurs whether I'm looking a local directories, network directories or ftp sites. I have tried all combinations with no clear link to the cause. Other apps are behaving fine with no memory or other issues. I believe it started with the latest upgrade. It seems like it has gotten worse although that makes no sense, even after rebooting pc. After displaying my current version and starting this note it has already locked up again.

I may try and revert to an earlier build to see if the problem goes away, if that is possible. DO is one of if not my most valuable application and this is really disrupting my work. If there is a way to provide you with diagnostics, let me know.

If it stays frozen for more than 30 seconds, it's probably an interaction with something else on the system which has also changed, since we don't have any similar reports and 12.23 doesn't have any changes likely to cause this kind of problem.

But whether I'm right or not, if you make some snapshots of the process while it's in the frozen state and send them to us, we should be able to look at those and get a better idea of where the problem is:

Leo, thanks for your reply. After a while this morning I decided to backup my DO config and then completely uninstall and reinstall. I ran ccleaner in between to make sure as much as possible was removed. After reinstalling I worked only with local drives for a while with no issue. Then started accessing Onedrive as well as FTP sites. So far things have been working well. At this point I would say we can close this topic particularly as no one else has reporting anything similar. I'm in IT so I'm familiar with diagnostic dumps. My experience with them is however not on the PC. I think it would be good if somewhere either in the doc (as it is in the doc I write) or on the support site there was some explanation for how you want people to actually get a dump you would be able to use.

Best Regards and Happy New Year!

That information is in the page I linked to above.