12.31 Command Prompt Admin Greyed Out Win 10

This used to work but has stopped. Clicked on the Admin Icon to run Dopus as Admin still greyed out. Rebooted Win 10 still greyed out.

Do you have UAC turned off, or is Opus being run elevated?

Right click and running as administrator or clicking the Admin Icon in Dopus same thing does not work. Maybe should try uninstalling and reinstalling?

It's not Opus or the Opus installation that's the issue.

Either your operating system has UAC turned off, or you're launching Opus elevated. In both those situations, Opus will already be elevated, all the time, so you can't elevate it again.

So how do we fix the greyed out Command Prompt options? UAC is not turned off and I have tried elevating both ways and it is still greyed out.

Is the "Admin" button (between "Delete" and "Archive Files" on the Operations toolbar) also greyed out?

Does main Opus titlebar say "ADMINISTRATOR:" at the start?