2 Little newbie questions - hotkeys and folder size


There are two things I'm not being capaple of doing/finding inside Dopus:
I go to the customize option to assign a hotkey to close the active tab, but I don't find the specific function. I could only find the one to close the entire lister, which is not what I want. Where is it?

The second I got from the FAQ :slight_smile:

See this thread

Thanks, I got it sorted, I created the hotkey for the functio GO TABCLOSE :slight_smile:

However, since this topic is unfolding too fast, let me ask another question, this one is more difficult. The objective is: prove to myself the Dopus > xplorer², since I'm evaluating both of them, so far i think dopus is a more beautiful ui while x² appears to be faster to access files via hotkeys, since I couldn't solve this problem yet... but that's not the question.
In x², if we press ctrl+O it toggles dual panel view on/off. In here, I had to create the CTLR+O hotkey to access the function "Set DUAL=Toggle", which displays the second panel if i'm in the single panel mode, but doesn't do the inverse (going from double to single if I hit again). How do I make it possible, preferably in the same hotkey? :slight_smile:

Set DUAL=Toggle does toggle the dual pane on or off - that's why the argument is "Toggle" :slight_smile:

You of course can create a special command assigned to a hotkey to close a folder tab but you can also do so by:

Left double-clicking on tab
Middle clicking on tab

(The latter is my preferred way to do it)

Also, what does "x² appears to be faster to access files via hotkeys" mean? What exactly does it seem to be doing faster?

Since this problem could not yet be solved, it's faster to type the proper initial letters of the filenames then ENTER to access the files and subfolders, that's what a meant. The hotkeys accesses seem to be equal at x² and Dopus.

Nobody else has this problem but you - it just doesn't match anyone else's observations. What else do you have installed on your system that could be interfering?

I'm pretty sure that nothing is interfering... the suspect would be autohotkey but I think I learned to use it already... Are you sure I don't have to setup anything before doing this?

In time: [quote="jon"]Set DUAL=Toggle does toggle the dual pane on or off - that's why the argument is "Toggle" :slight_smile:[/quote]

Dumb mistake of mine, sorry! :slight_smile:

And thanks, some of you guys helped me in here, feel free to close this topíc! :slight_smile: