Ability to turn off all sytem-wide hotkeys

Could we possibly have the ability to toggle all system-wide hotkeys?

I have made good use of them, all using Ctrl+Shift or Alt+Shift, but I also have several much-used programmes that have extensive systems of very useful bu conflicting hotkeys (unfortunately not configurable as in DOpus).

At the moment, I am shutting down DOpus to be able to use all of each of the other programme's hotkeys, which is inconvenient. If I could quickly toggle just the DOpus system-wide hotkeys on and off, using a button command, this would make things so much more flexible — or even better, toggle them to work only when DOpus has the focus.

(My constant qualification: This may very well exist already, or be available via a script.)

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Sure, should be easy to add.

That is good news. I asked for similar feature and I get answer that is impossible.

But as I suppose - maybe I write it wrong and should request for disable global hotkeys by button.
Update: no, I asked for that too: "So maybe at least possibility to temporary disable global DO hotkeys?"
Good to know that now is easy to add.

What you asked for isn't possible right now, i.e. the feature does not currently exist.

I didn't mean it isn't possible that it could be added.

I must misunderstood your answer then:

So I think that requesting for that has no sense.

Good that it will be possible.
+1 for option to disable/enable global hotkeys.

And small request - if is possible - maybe in customize mode I can check some additional checkbox like "do not disable" - so I can choose which ones global keys will be still active even if I disable global keys by button.

Thanks very much, jon and leo, for taking my request seriously. (My most recent battle, by the way, was a clash with hotkeys when toggling upper and lower case in PCTeX.) I'll keep a watch on future updates and report back when things change.

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Thank you for new useful option.
Is possible to made additional option as I described?

Thank you very much, jon and leo. That will greatly help when I'm doing intensive work in another programme.

I've created a toolbar button whose icon is always visible, so that I know what state it is in. I've also given it a (non-system-wide) hotkey. I used the obvious command:
Set DisableGlobalHotkeys=Toggle

'One ring to rule them all!'

I soon realised that toggling global hotkeys off or on required Alt+Tab back to DOpus to use the non-system-side hotkey that I had created. If I had not launched any lister, then I also had to launch a lister first.

AutoHotkey to the rescue. I have created an AutoHotkey with the code:
Run, "C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\DOpusrt.exe" /Cmd Set DisableGlobalHotkeys=Toggle
and put it into into my all-users StartUp directory so that it is always available. On my system, this is
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

This sets Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H as a system-wide hotkey to toggle the DOpus setting DisableGlobalHotkeys. If there turns out to be a hotkey clash, then I will be able to edit the hotkey very quickly to something else.

This trick may go some way to addressing peterb's concerns.

Win+E opens lister even if global hotkeys are disabled (not my default shortcut to open lister but useful anyway). Then I can turn on global hotkeys again by menu or button. But still possibility to edit which global hotkeys are always working will be nice feature. Also - why using AutoHotkey if Windows has possibility to create hotkeys for lnk files without any additional software (but not every hotkey is possible to assign - for example my default ctrl+tilde for opening lister is impossible).

I had first tried creating a Windows LNK file to a BAT file with the DOpusrt command, but I found that couldn't assign the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H to the LNK file. That's why I turned to AutoHotkey.