Activated pro trial, now dopus opens in 2 applications each time and there is no way to only use one that I can find

I activated the pro trial but as of right now it is un-usable because the application opens 2 applications and I can't close either of them to be left with 1...

Also locked tabs don't work as expected ( ie if I navigate to a folder that is already locked.. instead of it switching to the already open tab [ and I have tried different lock modes ] it opens a new tab or opens the folder in the tab I was in )...

Still can't edit forum posts...

Another note: I can't rebind CTRL+Shift+T to middle-mouse either... meaning I'm still stuck using AutoHotkey.

I was able to close the extra lister but with tabs behaving the way they aren't supposed to Pro is unusable... There's no point to it if you end up with 10 of the same tab open up if you lock one and navigate through other tabs...

Please keep to one question per thread. (It sounds like you've solved the question in the subject line already, from the last post).

Re post editing, see this FAQ.

It still opens multiple listers randomly.. I have gone through options and have yet to find out why it opens a new lister randomly on launch, or during other interactions.. In addition, if I have a lister open and another one opens there is a 10% chance that all of the tabs will be copied to the new lister so I end up with 2 listers with identical tabs ( even if the tabs were locked; those preferences carry over to another lister )...

I have yet to find a way to replicate reliably but I haven't exactly been available since I posted this.

How are the windows being opened? e.g. Double-clicking a shortcut on the desktop? A hotkey? A command?

Do you have any script add-ins active that might be changing what happens when windows and tabs open? Try disabling them, if so.

You can write a simple mod to change editing to 5 minutes can be added for all areas where it is otherwise disabled, and after the 5 minutes it reverts to default behavior... It would literally be 1 line of code.

I removed explorer integration ( but dopus still expects me to restart my computer after updates ) and if I have a lister on the left, then use dual-view and open a tab on the right... When I disable the dual-view by clicking the button, the default lister vanishes and becomes the right lister and the right lister becomes the left lister so I have to open up both and close all of the extra tabs ( meaning if I needed to use it again later I have to start from scratch or create a save for the tabs that are open to reload later and end up getting bloated with saves )..

I disabled all of the addons and only re-activated them ( after this issue ) so the viewer can view certain files such as text / js, etc..

No script addins while I am having the issue but I did code one for preventing tabs from being closed if they are locked ( but there is no way that I can see to discern whether or not I used middle-click to close a tab or the menu... IF I used the menu I want to allow the tab to be closed... This should be added to the On closed Event.

If you want to submit a patch to phpBB because you think it is that easy, go ahead, and we will use it as soon as it is accepted. We do not develop phpBB, we simply use it, and it would not be a 5 minute job for us to do that. If you want to discuss phpBB, please go to the phpBB forum and talk to them there.

The rest of the last reply, I am not sure how it relates to the question the thread is about. Are we trying to stop two windows opening when Explorer Replacement is on? Then please let's stick to that scenario, and please answer my question about how the window is being opened. If you can tell us that, we can tell you what to look at to understand or possibly fix what is happening. There are a lot of ways a window can be opened, and they can be configured to run various commands, or open saved layouts, etc., so we need to know what is happening in detail to know what to suggest.

Please stick to one question and try not to stray off topic as it makes the thread really difficult to follow and makes it hard for us to help you.

Just to be sure, are we talking about multiple Opus windows opening at once, or are we talking about a single window with dual file displays within it, and/or with multiple folder tabs within it, which are unwanted?