Actual colour space (i.e. icc profile) possible as metadata?

Opus metadata (and columns) shows what it calls 'colour space' - meaning RGB, CMYK, and others I presume (...technically this is actually the Colour Model, not the Colour Space).

What I'd really like to see is the actual colour space - i.e. the ICC Profile the file is tagged with (or none, if it is not tagged). I don't believe this is currently possible with Opus, right?

Given Opus, in the viewer etc, supports colour management to a workable degree, this would be useful information to have at hand and I presume the information is readily available to Opus already. Is there any way (or could there be any way...) to get this information displayed as file columns and/or a metadata field?

(In more specific words, what I'd like to see there is sRGB, Adobe RGB 1998, ProPhoto etc...)

I expect ExifTool Custom Columns can display that information.

Be a lot nicer if such a tool wasn't needed though....and it is very much part of the standard metadata for common image file types like jpg and tiff...

Of course, but that will also take longer. If you want something that gives you the information right now, that should work.

Anything that adds a similar column to File Explorer should also be able to work with Opus.

I'm not in a big hurry with it (i've managed without it in Opus for 30 odd years!) , but it's just something that I find myself repeatedly thinking would be handy, and help when dealing with lots of files.