Add 'Confirm' window when moving Folders?

I have a newish laptop -(Good) but incredibly sensitive - so just moving the cursor across a list of folders can result in a folder (not the one I am seeking) being selected and dropped INTO another folder - thus loosing sight of it and not necessarily being aware it has been moved. I have tried to de-sensitise the laptop, but not successfully. So I wish to set up an auto-confirm feature in my Dopus v12.23 to alert if any folder change has been initiated. How do I set that up.

Also, I wish to explore using certain commands, but cannot find how to bring up a Command Creator/Editor Box.

Finally, How can I set the default scaling of the lister display and then increase/decrease that scaling temporarily and then return it to default.

Easiest solution: Turn off Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Allow drag and drop into sub-folders (without a qualifier key held down) so you can't accidentally drag & drop at all, without explicitly holding down Shift (to move) or Ctrl (to copy) or Alt (to create shortcuts).

If you really want a confirmation instead, there are a few threads about setting that up on the forum. Here's the first I found, which looks like it's still correct:

(Opus 12.24 is out now by the way.)

See Creating your own buttons in the manual.

Or How to use buttons and scripts from this forum here at the forum.

If you haven't found the manual, you can push F1 to open it from almost any window in the program. It's also linked at the top right of the forum, where there are some other helpful links as well.

Similar to most web browsers, Ctrl + Mouse Wheel or Ctrl + = and - to increase and decrease the font or thumbnail sizes (depending on the mode).

Default font and thumbnail sizes can be set in Preferences, at least in general. If you have trouble setting the size of something particular, please start a new thread for it.

In general, please only ask one question per thread (unless the things are very closely related):