Add metadata to pictures through the Viewer

The attached button, when added to the standalone viewer's toolbar will facilitate viewing and adding adding meta data to images via a VB Form ( only works in Dopus 12, of course)

This is the form

This is a pdf explaining the button

Using Directory Opus 12 to add metadata in the Image (391 KB)

And the button

Edit Caption.dcf (24.3 KB)

Nice job, and one of the first published scripts using the new scripting UI functionality in Opus 12!

I've moved this to the Script Buttons & Add-Ins area so more people will find it.

One thing to note: The viewer has a built-in metadata editor. The purpose of this script is to provide an alternative metadata UI with clearer focus on specific fields and a better workflow for the author's needs.

Where can I edit metadata via the viewer?
I have the Viewer Pane open now, but can't see how to edit metadata.
I can see it with the Metadata Pane, but not the Viewer Pane.

Hit the f9 key

Yes, but F9 is the Metadata Pane which I already know about.
But I was asking about the Viewer Pane.

F9 in the standalone image viewer.

How do I open the standalone viewer?

Edit: I found it under Slideshow > Show Pictures.
Is that the only way?

Opus 12: Viewing Images