Add program to context menu

When I use windows default explorer, it has a lot of context menu, which is not shown in dopus. For example, convert to pdf (acrobat) , unlock this file (unlocker) etc... How do I 'tell' dopus to take right click menu of default windows explorer context menu?

Make sure Preferences, Miscellaneous, Windows Integration, Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides) is turned off and you're on the latest version of Opus. That should be enough for most menu items to appear.

There are a handful which Opus blocks by default, but neither of the ones you mention should be blocked unless they've caused a few crashes and Opud has added them to your local block list.

There are also a very small number of menu items which either confuse Opus or are confused by Opus and won't show up, but I'm pretty sure I've seen people talking about using Unlocked within Opus so it's probably not that.

I checked and the Hide Windows item box is default unticked. My version is latest stable, not beta. Is there anyway to see which context menu is blocked by Dopus, and unblock it?

I added a screenshot of the missing context menu.

Shell extensions which are blocked by default has information on what's blocked by default and how to unblock extensions (whether they are blocked by default or were blocked by Opus automatically after it detected a problem).

From your screenshots, it looks like there are programs in the Opus menu which aren't in the Explorer menu as well as vice versa. (The Split and MD5 Checksum items, unless they are part of Opus, but the large, cut-in-half icons suggest they're not from Opus and coming from something that does custom-drawn menu items in a non-standard way.)

That makes me wonder if you are are running 32-bit Opus from a USB stick on 64-bit Windows or anything like that?

Yes, I installed 64 bit, and the context menu appear all again. Thanks leo.