Adding an item to the context menu

I have the “Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides)” option set to hide all the rubbish that windows has added to the context menu over time and now I’m left with a much neater customised menu. Just recently I installed an application that adds an entry into the context menu when I right click a file\folder which I’d like to incorporate into my current menu. At the moment I’m holding down shift to get to this option but I’d like it available all the time.

Can someone tell me how I can add this one entry into the context menu please? I seem to remember an FAQ dealing with context menu’s with a nice little diagram but I can’t find it now.


I think the "faq" you're thinking of may have been this: Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus

...which, while old - I believe should still be mostly relevant for Opus v10. If you need some help, tell us what app you're looking to add back to the menu (and what bit platform, 32/64), as someone here may already have the CLSID for it handy.

That is the one steje, I was looking under faq's and not tutorials. Can't beleive that was written in 2005!

I'll have a read and see if it works, if not i'll be back.

Thanks for digging it out for me.

Sure - you can also looks at Nirsoft's ShellexView utility to view a list of shell extensions that are on your system... You can double-click on the one you're interested in, and copy the CLSID from there to use in your Opus customizations.

Shout for help if needed either way.

Well it was quite straight forward in the end. I just followed in the instrucitons you linked to steje and grabbed the CLSID from the registry. All working good now, thanks.

I've upgraded to and noticed that the context menu option has disappeared from my right click menu. It's been working fine until recently, has something changed in this area in-between releases?

The application i'm attempting to add to the context menu is called Bitcasa.

This is the code.


Please see bitcasa gone from right click menu?

Thanks Leo,

I guess the crashing is due to something on the Bitcasa side of things and not dopus?

I'll fire an email off to them and let them know there are some issues. Are these issues documented on the forums anywhere? I must admit i've not experienced any issues myself over the last couple of months with using Bitcasa\Directory Opus.

The crashes (and other problems) are related to the Bitcasa shell extension but we can't be certain about where the actual fault is as we can't debug their code and find out why it's crashing. It's possible we are doing something wrong which is causing their code to fail, or vice versa, but it's only feasible to debug it if you have access to their code, but it's an opaque box to us as we don't have the source. (We're happy to help debug or test code-changes/theories on our side if we can assist, of course.)

I found these threads via the forum's search, but there may be others. (I think we also looked at some crash dumps people sent which may have been from threads not mentioning "Bitcasa", so they may be missed by the search.)

[ul][li]Right click crash with Bitcasa cloud storage software.[/li]
[li]dopus_lister issue in drive right click.[/li]
[li]Also Icon overlay not showing up in Directory Opus is probably relevant (may be the same underlying problem causing different results for different people).[/li][/ul]