Adding new header column to all tabs in Lister

All my tabs in my lister have the same 5 column headers.
How can I add Created to all of them w/out having to add it manually to each and every tab.
Is there a setting somewhere to alter all of them at once?
thanks for the help.

Do you want that to be the new default for all folders and new windows, or do you want it to only be a temporary change, just for the tabs open in one window?

The new default

(Top of the Opus FAQs menu at the top of the page if you need to find it again.)

Wow...that's a lot.
There's just so many features/settings and likewise so many faq's ... for me it becomes overwhelming really quick....even when trying to search and find answers myself.

Steps 1-4 from "To define the format used for all directories" was good for me.

Thank you for replying so quickly.

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Glad that did the trick!

It's something we plan to make easier to find within the program itself, since it's not obvious without reading here or in the manual (and there's so much information that it's easy to miss things).

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