Adjust the folder format of the Windows Network

I didn't find a way to adjust the folder format in Windows Network. The default format should be Tiles Mode now, but the display on the Windows network has not changed when I modify the parameters under Preferences / Files Display Modes / Tiles. The menu is also not available on the toolbar.

How can I adjust the Windows Network folder format?

The Network folder itself (the one showing a list of computers) is delegated to the Windows shell, since all you can do in it is double-click a computer to go to another folder.

(And in the case of Network, it's usually so slow to populate and random about what it displays that the folder is a bit pointless, at least in every version of Windows and network environment I've tried it in.)

Thanks, I have set all the folders except the Network folder.

I use network drives instead of Network folder, I just want to unify all the folder formats.