Adobe Illustrator, EPS, INDD and PSB thumbs/viewer

Ardfry Imaging have adapted their PSD Codec to provide Directory Opus with viewer and thumbnail support for Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Encapsulated PostScript (.eps), InDesign (INDD) and Photoshop (PSB) files.

Note (PSD / PSB):

  • PSD is the normal Photoshop format while PSB is Photoshop's format for images larger than 30000x30000 pixels.
  • Photoshop PSD support is built-into all versions of Opus while PSB support was added in
  • So this plugin isn't needed to handle PSD files, or PSB files with newer versions of Opus, although it can, and it still provides other formats which are not built-in.

The plugin supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Opus and Windows Vista/7. (The plugin doesn't support Windows XP.)

Head over to Ardfry's page for more information, download links, and some screenshots:

(The plugin itself is free but requires Ardfry's PSD Codec. There is a trial version of PSD Codec so you can test it out. It also adds AI, EPS, INDD, PSD, PSB thumbnails to Explorer, File-Open dialogs, etc.)


  • 1.1 17 May 2011
    • Add support for INDD and PSB files
    • Add support for DOpus preview pane
  • 1.0 10 November 2010
    • Initial release

I was excited to see a plugin to view EPS files, so I went and grabbed the Ardfry plugin. Before Ardfry plugin, Opus use to preview PSD and .Ai but with it activated, Opus stop previewing .Ai files, EPS files only appear as text. So, what's the purpose, when the Ardfry plugin makes Opus less useful?

I would contact Ardfry directly in case they are not reading this forum regularly.

Maybe they can give the plugin a simple config window where you can choose which formats to enable.