AEicons 24 Tab Images

This is a collection of 24 .png images with transparency, based on the original 2 folder tab icons provided with Opus 8.1. The new images come in the sizes 30x30 pixels (large icons) and 20x20 pixels (small icons), and are very much in the style of the original icons.

There is also an overview image provided and an example menu demonstrating the usage of the folder tabs.

Users of Opus 9 and above: See the post below for a version of these icons packaged into an Icon Set for greater convenience.

[Christoph A. Loewe (Aeon)] (52.1 KB)

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Here are the icons converted into an Icon Set (requires Opus 9 or above). (12.7 KB)

Thanks xbprm! I've tidied up the thread a bit so people can find your converted icons easier.

Nice to see that my icons are still of some use. Hopefully I'll get around to do some "real" Opus 9 icons as well.

Update: Just installed Opus9, and nicely enough the Opus8 icon set is still available. So once I fully understand how the icon naming process works in the XML files, I'll upload all my icons in a Opus9 Icon Set.

I don't see the "Folder Tabs" item on the "Go" Menu Item in the standard menu. I do see the menu when I click the content menu on the icon of a tab. . Maybe this has changed in a more recent Opus for the better because that location makes a lot more sense anyways.

But how do I get the Icons provided in the original post into the content menu for the Tab Icons? I looked in Settings - Customize - Content Menu. I looked in Setting - File Types - All Files and Folders - Content Menu...

Any ideas?

You mean the menu when you right-click the tabs themselves? (The one with Duplicate Tab, Open In New Lister, etc.) -- That can't be edited at the moment.

Yeah, that's the menu I meant. I thought so. Thanks Leo.