After last 2 update Directory Opus is (Not responding)

Sinde I have upgraded to 12 and installed the latest updates Directory Opus is very unstable anf crashes after 2 minutes of using. Please advise on this.

Which version were you on before? Have you tested going back to it to confirm the cause is an Opus update and not something else that was installed/updated?

Which versions did you install when the problems started? ("Last 2 updates" could mean the last two beta versions, or the last two stable versions, or something else.)

Are any crash logs created?

Which action(s) trigger the crashes?

I found no crash dump data, so it simply hangs. No high CPU nor Memory.
I found out that is happens when accessing network drives. Or when trying to map a network drive.
It is good and fast when using windows explorer, so it is related to DO. Any ideas?

Which versions are involved?

How long have you waited? Windows can take up to 30 seconds to realise a network drive is not responding.

If you link your account and make a manually-generated process dump while the problem is happening, that may reveal where the problem is:

Thx for all the help so far. I have reinstalled opus, since I was too impatient. It worked for now. If I have issues, I will create a dump.
Thx anyways.