After restoring from older backups, lots of custom icons lost

Now i see one hundred smilies, and can't get my old custom icons back. Is there any chance to recover them?

What kind of icons?

Where were they stored before?

I'm not sure, but they were from the forum here, and similar to those:

Here's how my menues look like now

They were stored with the imported icon sets, i guess.

That post has a link to the icons: Line Icons & Colourful Ver

They are just similar. The ones i actually used were also very light, black & white style, and 'outline-y'. Can't find them at the moment. Is it possible, that they were included in the latest Opus 12 package? They also had some brand-style icons, like Adobe, Acrobat, etc.

I if i would find that set and import it, would they reappear?

They weren't included in Opus 12.

Have a look through the Icons area here, maybe.

Turns out, it was the Line-Icons.dis icons set, so i have a part of the icons back, although they appear to be a little too big now.

That was what I linked to...

Oh, ok. In the meantime i found the .dis file in my download folder, that's why i skipped the link.