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After updating to 12.17 color labels intermittently disappear

I just very recently updated to 12.17 from 12.16, and ever since I've been getting this strange behavior where DOpus "forgets" label color properties I've set to files until I close the lister and reopen it. To be more specific, I use the Properties SETLABEL command to color code files. I haven't been able to pinpoint if a certain thing triggers the resetting, but usually after an hour or so of working I notice that suddenly no color labels are shown (it's not specific files that fail, it's always all of them until I close and reopen listers).

Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

You might have a folder format that overrides the labels which is getting applied from somewhere, although that would be unusual.

Are there other labels configured in Preferences in addition to the ones being set explicitly on files? (e.g. Labelling recent files or similar.)

Are the labels being stored in NTFS or are labels for specific paths being added to Preferences?

What type of drive is involved where it happens? (e.g. Network drive? Is it a Windows machine at the other end?)

I only use color labels, and only by way of manually using the Properties SETLABEL command on selected files to change them. Very basic all around.

There are also no rules for specific paths being automatically labeled or specific conditions triggering an automatic label. So I guess the labels are being stored in NTFS? All my drives are local, and I'm on Windows 10 64-bit, Enterprise LTSC 2019.

I do have labels in different folders on different (local) drives, and whenever this behavior happens all of them revert to the default color until close & reopen.

I guess this problem is too vague at the moment to pin down properly, so I'll try to see if there's any specific program or thing I do that I can connect to the colors disappearing. What's perhaps interesting is that I don't need to completely quit & kill DOpus from the background to fix this, I just need to close the lister and reopen.

Thanks for the answers!

It's possible the thread which looks for labels on individual files is getting stuck for some reason.

Next time it happens, please make some manually generated process dumps before closing the window. We should be able to use those to see if the thread is stuck doing something:

I had to reinstall Windows due to another matter, and for now the odd behavior is not showing up. I will submit dump files if it crops up again!

Thanks for the help!

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