[AHK] Showing a configurable toast message on screen, good for long-running operations

What Is It?

This CLI AHK script shows a so-called toast message which automatically disappears.
It is best suited for calling from other programs, batch files, etc.

Depending on the use case, there are obviously many other alternatives for giving feedback with DOpus. In my use-case error feedbacks of long-running/critical operations are already tracked in a collection and/or blocking with a popup, but success feedbacks, 99.999% of the cases, are not tracked and rather need to be non-blocking and visible on all monitors & vdesks.


  • Playing a sound file with Play command, which I often overhear when music playing or turned volume down, or gives me a heart attack if volume turned too high.
  • Scripting with DOpus' BusyIndicator object, which I often overlook if DOpus is running on a separate monitor/vdesk and/or I'm not paying attention to the lister's top right corner.
  • Using a balloon tip, e.g. with nircmd's TrayBalloon or AHK's TrayTip command, e.g. this forum script
  • Creating a custom DOpus UI
    etc pp


These parameters are accepted (defaults marked with *):

  • message (your message)
  • timeout (in ms, 3500*)
  • animDuration (fadeout time, 500*, 0 to disable)
  • fontName (Verdana)
  • fontSize (14)
  • fontWeight (100-900, 600*)
  • fgColor (RGB in Hex, 0xF9F1A5*)
  • bgColor (RGB in Hex, 0x2C2C2C*)
  • everyMon (false* if not specified)

All parameters can be specified with single (-) or double dash (--). Equals sign (=) is optional.

cuToaster -message "Hello ""World"" with double quotes" -fontName "Times New Roman" -posX=CENTER -posY BOTTOM -animDuration 0

Note: If your program, script, batch, etc. needs to continue immediately
without waiting this script to hide the toast text, you might want to use
"start" or similar techniques, e.g. in a .cmd/.bat file:

start cuToaster -message "Operation finished!"

The script:
CuToaster.ahk.txt (19.9 KB)


Compiled .exe on github