All Files and Folders Context Menu

I am very frequently navigating
Settings > File Types > All Files and Folders > Context Menu
Is there a faster way to get there?
E.g. an I create a button for this?
Closest thing I have found is the FileType command which brings up the File Type dialog for the highlighted item.
Any ideas appreciated.....

Using Prefs Filetypes seems to be the closest you can get at the moment, as far as Opus is involved. Maybe you can make some Autohotkey function or use a macro to select the other two sub categories?

After using Prefs Filetypes, you would need following key strokes to get to the context menu:

3 times "down arrow", Enter, tab button, right arrow.

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Thanks @abr

Follow up.... is there any facility within Opus to send keystrokes a la AHK?
Maybe sending keystrokes from within a button?
Maybe from within a scripted solition?

A user-defined command to sendkeys, and A way to change the select key for checkbox mode - Buttons/Scripts - Directory Opus Resource Centre (

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Automating things by sending keystrokes is always risky. Is it really worth it just to save three or four clicks here? How often do you need to edit that menu?

Often enough to wonder if I can save a few clicks :slight_smile:
Nevertheless I do take your point...
Thanks all