AltTab to Dopus often doesnt work

XP SP2 home. Dopus
"AltTab to Dopus often doesnt work"
I've had this problem since upgrading to version 9 over 6 months ago

I have a few listers open and a couple other apps.
I'm working in some other programme for a while (I estimate minimum 10 minutes), I AltTab to a Dopus lister - no window change happens.
This occurs very often, ONLY with Dopus windows and it doesnt seem to matter what window I'm coming from, i.e. I have this problem coming from various apps but only when going to a Dopus window.
I usually end up AltTabbing to a different window & back to Dopus & that works.

Note that according to the AltTab dialogue, the Dopus window (that hasnt showed) has 'focus'.

  1. I AltTab to a Dopus lister - no window change happens
  2. I use AltTab again: it starts from the Dopus window that hasnt showed. If I now move away to another icon (without actually showing it's window) & back (AltShiftTab) to the Dopus lister - the lister will now show.

If I'm moving frequently between windows I dont have this problem.
Occasionally, (when not working with full screen windows), if I can see the Lister window that refuses to take focus, I click on it and it still wont come to the front. I've also at times clicked on the lister in the taskbar & that hasnt worked.

This thread suggested another app having stolen AltTab but I dont think that the case Alt-Tab working strange

Looks to me like a support issue but thought I'd post here see if I get any feedback
thank, Tom

Do you have any dialogs (e.g. copy progress, rename window, etc.) open when this happens, or does it happen all the time?

Are any of the Opus windows you have open set to the "always on top" or "on top of Opus" modes? (Click the top-left titlebar icon of each Opus window on your screen and then click Keep On Top, make sure it's set to No for everything.)

hi Leo, no - no dialogs open. It happens all the time (with the stipulation that I havent AltTabbed to dopus for a while - I'll try timing that today so I can give a more accurate report)

Just checked: again no
I usually have the same three or four saved layouts open - these are all set to No for 'Keep on Top'