Always Show Arrows on Scrollbars

I'd like Directory Opus to always show the up and down arrows on the top and bottom of vertical scrollbars. As it is now, the arrows are invisible until I hover the mouse over the scrollbar. In Windows (11), I have Always show scrollbars, turned on, but this doesn't have any effect on, at least, the arrows.

I don't understand the movement over the past few years, especially in Windows, to make scrollbars harder to find and use, with them disappearing by default, tending to become narrower, and with the color of the scrollbox being close to the color of the bar's background. It's a total fail in UX in my opinion.

The way scrollbars look in Windows 11 is entirely Microsoft's doing, and we hate it as well. It's the main reason I will never install Windows 11 on my main machines, and only use it on test machines. Microsoft have completely lost their minds at this point.

For listers in Opus, you can make their scrollbars render similar to the old Windows 10 style via Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Pane borders:

  • Turn off Use system colors
  • Turn on Use for lister scrollbars

In the future we will be expanding and improving this, with an option to replace the rendering of scrollbars throughout the program (e.g. including the Preferences dialog) when running on Windows 11.


Thank you!! Now THOSE are scroll bars!

Appreciate the support and quick response.


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