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Amiga ADF/HDF Explorer




Thought I would share my small ADF/HDF explorer plugin for Opus, its currently read-only and I don't really have plans to expand it any further.

Does support the basics, eg. file extraction, thumbnails.

Compiles on VS2017 Community, and doesn't require any libraries.

If demand exists, ill look at providing a compiled build.





I could definitely make use of this, I just got myself an A1200 and I've been tinkering around with WinUAE a lot.


I registered here to say:
This plugin is the reason I will buy a license when my trial-period runs out this time. This should have been a built in function from day one.

Edit: When I started setting things up here, I found adflib and adfwiew in my link-collection. Both got source available; might be of interest if you are gonna expand on this.