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Amiga ADF/HDF Explorer



Thought I would share my small ADF/HDF explorer plugin for Opus, its currently read-only and I don't really have plans to expand it any further.

Does support the basics, eg. file extraction, thumbnails.

Compiles on VS2017 Community, and doesn't require any libraries.

If demand exists, ill look at providing a compiled build.





I could definitely make use of this, I just got myself an A1200 and I've been tinkering around with WinUAE a lot.


I registered here to say:
This plugin is the reason I will buy a license when my trial-period runs out this time. This should have been a built in function from day one.

Edit: When I started setting things up here, I found adflib and adfwiew in my link-collection. Both got source available; might be of interest if you are gonna expand on this.


Hi - this looks great, is there any chance of a compiled build? I have no idea how to compile this. Cheers!


Providing compiled binaries is always a good thing. It saves people from having to download other tools to compile the source to get a compiled binary.

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Hi Gabriel,

Only reason i didnt provide a binary is because its not really that well tested, but it seems there is some demand for one,

So i'll look at packaging it up tonight for use



Yeah, I usually package my stuff I Open Source with pre-compiled binaries so those who are just "users" can run it right away without having to figure out how to compile code. Thanks for creating a binary though! :slightly_smiling_face:


I've had issues with this plugin crashing every time specific disks are accessed. My gut-feeling tells me the problem is handling of files named "AUX" and "" plus other illegal-on-Windows filenames ref:


Is the binary available then? I can't see it... am I being stupid?


Thanks for publishing your Visual C++ Solution. I'm not very good with VC++ so having your project as a starting point was very helpful. The opus VFS examples give you source code but no Solution you can just load and hit compile.

Appreciate it!


I was searching for such a solution and still can't find the release download. Where did you put it?


Still no binaries available.


Here's a compiled version of the current source from the github repository: (129.5 KB)

The 32-bit build needed some tweaking to compile, so I'm guessing the plugin's 32-bit version is untested by anyone. I've only done a quick test of the 64-bit version, which seems to work. I haven't checked the code or done anything beyond compile it and quickly see if it can open an ADF file in a VM. So use these builds at your own risk and uninstall them if you get instability. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the binary!

Seems to work pretty good. I just have some .hdf files that cause Opus to crash. But for the most part it works. Of course I'm using it on DirOpus 11.19.


This is awesome - thanks Leo and segra.

Segra, if you are looking for bug report then I cannot get the viewer pane to work with anything except images and info files. Images seem to work fine, but no hex or text is displayed. Can anyone reproduce?