Any simple way to reorganize and clean up context menu?

I'd like to clean up and reorganize my context menus. I've read the tip here:

but cannot find where the checkbox is to "Hide windows items on context menus (shift overrides)"

Where do I find that, and once found, where to I put the "Filetype CONTEXTMENU CONTEXTOPTIONS=windowsonly" command?

Thanks for any guidance—this will really streamline my DOpus config.

For the first part of aour question, you can find that in -> Preferences -> Miscellaneous -> Windows Integration, where it's the second item from the bottom. The other part seems to be located somewhere in the file types options. This may be a hint:!Documents/FileType_Command.htm

Thanks! the suggestion for the first part worked great. Still trying to parse out the second part, but your hint at least seems to point in the right direction.

You'd probably want to put the command under Settings > File Types > All Files & Folders > Context Menu.

I tried adding it there:


but what I get on the context menu is:


When I click on the bottom option, nothing happens.

Any thoughts?


The command is wrong. "Filetype" at the start has gone missing.

My apologies, I should have included in my last post that I tried it that way as well:

When I do it that way, right clicking on an rtf file gives me this:

and right clicking on a jpg gives me this:

In neither case am I getting a sub-menu for Windows apps context menus.

You need to create the submenu entry yourself, and then put the command that generates the filetype list inside it.

See!Documents/Context_Menu.htm (the last section) for instructions on how to create submenus in context menus.

That did it—thank you! I'm gradually developing my DOpus expertise ...

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Thanks Jon (and Leo). I found this really helpful. Had to read the various posts several times but got there. I would have found the attached screenshot helpful - hope it might help anyone else with the same issue.

Is there a way to put that above Properties without Properties becoming part of the sub-menu?

Yes:!Documents/Context_Menu.htm (bottom of the page)

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Oh my gosh! I totally missed seeing that option.

Thank you!

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