Anyway to get favorites to open on new tabs?

My browser opens each favorite I click on in a new tab. I've gotten very used to this feature and was wondering if it could be done in Dopus ?

Edit your Favorites toolbar item.

It might be this now:


Change it to this:


or, if you want the tab to open but not become active:

Favorites SHOWICONS NEWTAB=nofocus

Simply reading the suggestion about 'no focus' reminds me of how SWEET an enhancement it would be if we could also bind alternate commands to keybound combo clicks of toolbar buttons:

SHIFT-CLICK= open in new tab WITH focus
CTRL-CLICK= open in new tab NO focus

This way, we could have even more than 'triple-buttons' in the same toolbar real-estate.

Is there anything Dopus can't do ? :smiley: