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Arc Dark Theme

I created this theme to match the Arc Dark theme I'm currently using in Jetbrain's IntelliJ IDE. Sharing for your pleasure!

The Active Title Bar colour can be changed in Windows Settings/Personalisation/Colours. Change this to #363D49.

To change the inactive title bar colour, you can do this easily with Winaero Tweaker, under Appearance/Inactive Title Bar Colour. Change this to 47, 52, 63 (R, G, B).

Arc Dark Theme
Arc Dark.dlt (263.8 KB)

Just Color Picker Colours
44 47 73 Highlight
26 2B 33 Main Window Backgrounds
2F 34 3F Toolbar Background

Just updated the theme as I missed off a few things!


If anyone knows how to get rid of the white dotted outline on the file selection, please let me know.

There must be a way, as if I select 'Use Visual Style' (which, incidentally, overrides my highlight colours) the dotted outline is more subdued blue colour. Not sure if this is a Windows thing or Directory Opus thing, so I welcome any pointers!

Turn on Preferences / Display / Options / Use visual styles to draw items and then turn off Visual styles override file selection colors below it and it should look OK.

Fabulous! Many thanks, Leo.

I must admit, that's one combination I didn't try :slight_smile:

Looks perfect now.

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Any idea how to change the Quick Access visuals? It has a different folder view and I couldn't find the right option to change that or customise colours for it.

You can't currently, as Quick Access is drawn by Windows. We might add a "native" view of that folder in the future so you can change the aesthetics.

Sorry is this is answered somewhere else - the utility panel for FIND is not skinned - am I missing a setting

Found the answer: Color settings in Utility Panel?

The Utility Panel still uses windows colors.