Arrow keys navigation in image viewer

In the good old ACDSee viewer I could use left/right arrow keys to easily move to the next or previous image in a folder. Can the image viewer in DOpus be set up this way? PgUp/PgDown is just to awkward for me...

As well as Page Up and Page Down, you can use Space and Backspace, or the mouse wheel, or left-click. (The last two are options in Opus's Preferences.)

You can also use a tool like AutoHotkey or AutoIt to give the viewer alternative hotkeys.

If you install AutoHotkey and add this to your AutoHotkey.ahk config file then the cursor keys will change images in the Opus viewer:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class dopus.viewpicframe
Up::Send {PgUp}
Down::Send {PgDn}

2019 edit:

You can edit the viewer's hotkeys these days, so you don't need to use AutoHotkey or similar for this anymore.

Thanks, it works. I added "z" for fullscreen toggle:

Z::Send ^{Enter}

One thing I've noticed: seems like AHK introduces a slight delay compared to native hotkeys. In an image folder, when I hold down Space for a while so that Win starts repeating it, DOpus's viewer flips through images rapidly. When I let go of Space, the flipping stops at once, which tells me that the flipping was as fast as the keyboard repeat rate. OTOH, when I hold down left arrow key (AHK equivalent, as above) and then let go of it, the flipping continues for about a 0.5-1 sec as Win processes buffered keystrokes. Which means AHK takes a bit longer per keystroke vs. native hotkeys. I wish AHK was just as fast.

In case some else is interested, in AHK I figured out a way to stop the buffered keystrokes. Now the image flipping stops the moment the user releases the key. Example shows Right remapped to PgDn:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class dopus.viewpicframe
loop {
    SendInput {PgDn down}{PgDn up}
    KeyWait, Right, T0.1
    if !GetKeyState("Right", "P")