Attachment popup window

Hey guys! been using this Directory opus for while now but one thing always irritates me is when i need to attach something and the popup window is of default windows file explorer. For example, if i write an email then try to attach an attachment, the file selection popup window is the default file explorer.
Is there a way to change this so i use direct opus?

Alright, thank you Jon for the response. I just thought i missed a settinng or something, i dont know the complexity of it all.

There are external tools that let you easily open a folder that you're currently displaying in a DOpus list.

For example, if your DOpus is currently displaying the contents of a Pictures folder on a different drive (like D), then you can use @jnllnd's free Quick Access Popup to easily switch the Open/Save Dialog to display that same Pictures folder without needing to navigate to it. His program integrates with DOpus and other file managers to make using Open/Save dialogs a bit easier.