Attributes - Option to Include Sub Folder and Files?

I use 'Attribute Changer 11' when adding or changing Attributes of folders because there is no option in Directory Opus to include the sub folder and files. Please add that option.
This is how the option appears in the 'Attribute Changer 11' interface:

Different to the option Opus has 2nd from the bottom?

I have no Properties Menu in my heavily customized configuration. I must have removed that button/menu at some point.
So, I opened Settings > Customize Toolbars and found a Properties command/button. I dragged it to the toolbar, but there is no dropdown menu!
How can I restore it?
But even so, please consider adding a check box in the metadata pane as I suggested.

Add something which runs SetAttr to open the dialog in my screenshot.

So, I can't just add back the button/menu?
I really don't want to figure out what you suggested.

If I removed a button/menu, I certainly didn't delete the button/menu. I would have dragged it back to the list of commands.
Why wouldn't I be able to re-add a button I removed?

As mentioned a few weeks ago:

We're going to improve the list of preset commands to include a lot more in the future, and make it automatically include everything from the default toolbars (more or less).

All you need to do is make a button that runs SetAttr as Leo has said.

Alternatively, you can download the entire default toolbar that contains the Properties Dropdown Menu from my post on the I think they are Japanese Colorful Icon set here.

These also require the Colorful Icon set installed to display properly.
Hovering shows the corresponding icon from the Colorful Icon Set and the text is in English.

I prefer to leave posting of the actual default Operations Toolbar to GPSoft.
Your point is well taken as it would be good to have an easy recovery built in other than a reset.

You can always backup your toolbar to another name, then reset it back to the factory defaults to get at buttons you deleted and want back. (We'll be making that even easier in the future, too.) But if you just need a button to run one command then it only takes a few seconds to make it.