Audio metadata columns won't display

Pretty sure I've got all the requirements to be able to display mp3, flac and ape metadata tags in browser window. I've gone through the help file, plugins, and forum to no avail. I'm using DOpus 11.7x64, Win7Prox64, audiotags.dll v1.0.0.6 (came pre-installed in DOpus) with all required audio extensions listed. No metadata is displayed for any of the formats, whether in details or thumbnail view (only album image displays on mouse-over, no other metadata). In the Viewer Plugins panel in Preferences, with audio tags highlighted, the configure button is grayed out (if that matters). With any format file selected, all available metadata for the file IS displayed and editable in the viewer/metadata pane, but it just won't display the info in the browser window. I attempted to find another plugin for displaying this info (from, but all available versions are already included in Opus (post v8).

Anyone have any ideas on a setting I missed, or perhaps another metadata plugin I should be using? Any help or thoughts are appreciated, thank you.

Use the Metadata pane, rather than the Viewer pane.

If you are using the default toolbars, the buttons to toggle the two panels are next to each other.

See Editing Metadata for more details.

(You can also display audio tags via columns in the file display.)

Sorry, guess I wasn't specific enough with my problem.

That's the problem I I'm trying to fix.
I'm not worried about editing tags via the metadata editor or the Viewer panel (only mentioned either to supply all available information for support). I use other software for that function.
I only wish to display the tags as outlined in the image using the specified columns in file display.

Are you sure those files are tagged? Do tags for them show in other programs?

yes, they're tagged. All tags show in the metadata pane, but won't display in file browser. The issue applies to all audio types, not just flac files

If you extract this archive, does the FLAC inside it get tags in the file display: (381 Bytes)

Here's what I see here:

Flac details show up here.

I decided to go with the tried and true reinstall method of troubleshooting. This install of DOpus 11.7 was an upgrade from the previous 10.5.7 I was using, with configuration backup.
After DOpus uninstall, reboot and registry clean, I installed a clean 11.7x64, and went straight to my media folders. Metadata was clearly read and displayed in all columns for applicable file types. After configuration restore from backup, no metadata would be displayed.
This leads to the conclusion that configuration backups from 10 to restoration in 11 are faulty. I'm simply going to have to rebuild my previous configuration manually.

Appears I was wrong on that one too... Yes, it did work for a while. I started configuring Opus with a single tab, image, video and audio file in folder... columns worked, so I saved for all folders and started to populate my more frequently visited places... then, unless I mistimed it, after setting as default lister, closing and reopening, columns would no longer display the pertinent information... didn't touch the config backup, or write a new one

Sum it up, I setup the columns I wanted, saved it for all folders, opened multiple tabs in dual horizontal mode, set as default lister, closed lister and reopened... no metadata displayed

Belay my last. It was due to DOpus Indexing other folders in the other tabs... took about a half hour to process, but now that the Indexing is complete, metadata is displaying in appropriate areas now...
Trouble Call closed. Thank you for your help.