Audio wav thumbnails not consistently displaying, anything I can do?

Hello! I've been using Dir Op for a few weeks now, using the trial version wanting to see if it meets my needs. I do love it, but I've found an issue that has cost me a lot of time.

I have tons of sample loops in the form of WAV files. Some of these files were corrupted during a drive crash.

When I saw that Dir Op displayed thumbnails for WAV files, I was elated! What an easy way to find these corrupted files. The corrupted WAV files don't display a waveform as a thumbnail. They show two other thumbnails (I've attached a screenshot).
Screenshot (159)

Here's my problem: after weeks of using Dir Op to delete what appeared to be corrupted WAV files, I saw that the larger the WAV file, the slower the thumbnail display. I had a few files that were very large and after a very long wait, the thumbnail wasn't displaying in Dir Op, making them appear to be corrupted files.

Then I hit PLAY. They were NOT corrupted!

So then I went thru some of the files I had previously deleted. No matter the size, some files that didn't display a waveform thumbnail were NOT corrupt.

Ugh! So now I'm restoring MANY wave files that I deleted and going thru them again to find corrupted files.

And now I don't trust Dir Op's waveform thumbnails.

Are there any settings I can edit to fix this issue? Right now, I'm back to hitting PLAY on files that don't display a thumbnail because I'm not trusting Dir Ops thumbnails.

Other than this issue, I do love Dir Op! But this has cost me many hours of work and I'm hoping I can fix it.

Lisa W.

Please send us a couple of example wav files with the problem.

Here are two files:
1- PianRock, cowbell, Rec (145) - this displays a waveform thumbnail correctly and is not corrupt.

2- Verse 2 Harm 2 AGAIN_2 - this wave file is not corrupt but doesn't display a waveform in Dir Op.

Dir Op (43.6 MB)

(I zipped these files without compression to make sure you got the exact data I'm working with. If you'd like me to put them on the cloud instead, pls let me know.)

Lisa W.

The WAV thumbnailer currently only supports PCM (which is what the first file is encoded as). The second file is encoded as IEEE floating point which is not currently supported.

In the next update we'll enable thumbnails for IEEE files such as this. But note that the WAV format describes a large number of different encodings; we will still only support PCM (by far the most common) and IEEE. Opus wasn't really designed as a "WAV file corruption detector" so relying on it in this way may not be a good idea.

Thanks for letting me know.
I'll look around to see if I can find something that would help me identify corrupted WAV files.

I do still like Dir Op!
Lisa W.

You could run them through a tool like Ffmpeg and check for troublemakers.

Thanks for the info!!

The change is now available in 12.28.2 beta, and will also be part of 12.29 when that gets released.