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AutoHotKey script to toggle between Minimize, Restore, and Focus Dopus window


This script which I did not write but got help with on the r/autohotkey subreddit was inspired by this functionality in TotalFinder that I use when I'm on OSX.

Of course, it's not quite the same with the animations and sliding back down when losing focus but it's essentially a quick way to open or close or bring into focus a single Directory Opus window all with the same key command. I used autohotkey for this but getting some built-in functionality in dopus (kind of like the visor function in Total Finder) would be ideal IMO.

Anyway, here is the autohotkey script. I used ALT-D for my shortcut. If there is no open window it will open Directory Opus using the "Win-E" launch settings. I set mine to use a default lister and then set the default lister to update with every close so that I can pick up where I left off using this shortcut. If I want a specific layout I use a different shortcut or change it in the app. If the window is open but not focused it will focus it and if the window is open and focused it will minimize it. If minimized, it will restore it. dopus.txt (491 Bytes)


You could do all of that with just Opus on its own if you want.

Go NEW LASTACTIVELISTER on a system-wide hotkey (which you can create from Opus) would cover a lot of it on its own, bringing the last active window to front or opening a new one if there isn't one.

To make the same key minimise the lister if it's already active should also be possible with a bit of scripting.


Oh cool, yeah that would be a better solution overall to integrate the shortcut into Opus, I agree. I wasn't aware of that "new lastactivelister" option but also the scripting to get the minimize feature would also be beyond my capabilities. The ahk script is working for now but if someone ends up posting the script to do it within Opus I would definitely switch over to that one.