Automatic Copy Queue

I normally copies a lot of files between different machines. If I start multiple copy'ings, it takes forever to complete :frowning:
I would like to se an automated copy que. So instead of starting a second copy/move process, DOpus would wait until the current copy/move process was done.


I just registered to the forums to post this. Since ages I'm waiting for a program that automatically queues all copy processes where one of the source or destination drives (not drive letter but the physical drive!) are already used in a running copy process.

If I start a copy of data from C to D and then one from E to F (where C and F are on the same drive), then the drive containing the partitions C an F needs to seek to different positions all the way through the copy process. A typical decrease in copy speed from 40 MB/s to 2 MB/s is the result.
Don't the programmers use their own programs ?

So the suggestion: At the beginning of a copy process Opus should check this. If it detects a possible resulting "low speed situation", it should not start the copy process but instead enlarge the window containing the information window(s) of that processes using one or both of the requested drives. Then it should add a line stating something like "1 incoming copy process to F in queue". When the running process is finished the next waiting process should start.

i also would want this...have been looking for it everywhere!

Add my "ditto" to this!

I would love the copy operation to be queue-based (optional, of course, in settings) that when a copy operation is in progress, successive copy operations should beadded to a queue.

Ideally, it should be a separate File command (or an option to the copy command, for script usage) so as not to affect/impede the default copy command.

Hi :slight_smile:

I just popped back in to restate my year old request for this function.
Have bought a 5 users lincense and I really do still copy and FTP a lot of files between several computers on a nearly hourly basis.

I would like to have a copy/move autocue. I am sorry to say that File collections doesn't do it for me. A simply copy cue function would be nice. A complex one that could work together with another dopus on a different PC would be great :slight_smile:

From a programmers viewpoint, I would say that a simple copy/move cue should be fairly simple to implement. That is why I am a bit sad, to see that it isn't a part of dopus yet.

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Flemming Brandt

Simple or not... it's a feature request... one I've agreed with on the forums, and which I've also submitted to GPSoft web site. I'd suggest everyone who wants this feature do the same at: