Best way to have a bunch of scattered files always handy?

While working, I have to keep track of a few files that are scattered in various directories. There's not that many of them, usually under 10. I change these files every two weeks or so.

From time to time I want to see all these files at once, so what I was doing up until recently was adding them to a file collection and removing them as needed. This works really well.

Then I started experimenting with having a toolbar on the desktop with a button menu that I add shortcuts of workfiles to as things change. Using a toolbar proved to be much more pleasant (feels tidy, no folder tree / preview pane, no other files to distract, I can make some icons bigger than others etc), but maintaining it is a bit troublesome - I used to do it by sending a shortcut of the file to the desktop, alt-click on the toolbar, move the customization window so it does not cover the toolbar, drag the shortcut from the desktop onto the toolbar, rename it, accept the changes, remove the desktop shortcut...

So does anybody have any advice on how to have a menu button / toolbar like this that can be easily maintained? Ideally the "File Collection" icon on the desktop would show me a list of file collections when I right click on it, but it doesn't...

Make a folder containing shortcuts to the documents, then put a Go-FOLDERCONTENT button on your desktop toolbar.

You can then edit the menu by opening that folder and adding/deleting shortcuts, but you still get the nice, tidy menu.

Great, it works - thanks! Can I use the GO on a Collection(s) to it instead of real folders (this would come in handy, among other things, because I could use the "Send to File Collection" when I shift-rightclick on a file and thus manage the files without using shortcuts)? Or is it that only folders and system folder aliases can be accessed this way?

Not sure. Give it a try.

You could also add a menu item which creates a shortcut in your folder for the same sort of result, also without having to worry about the way collections can lose track of files if they are deleted and later added back again.

Ah, I wasn't sure about what exactly should I type for the collection, after a bit of experimenting it turns out it's


I will try the other method too, it's probably more flexible. Thanks a bunch!

I managed to make a button menu on the desktop with a simple

Go PATH coll://workfiles

and it is almost what I want (when I click on the button, it opens a tidy list with all the files), except for one thing: when I click on any of the files, DOpus actually opens the lister / tab with the location of the file instead of just acting as if I doubleclicked on it. How can I change that?

I also tried to follow with the second suggestion, but realized I didn't really understand how exactly should I go about it. I should add an entry to the context menu under "all files and folders" that says something like

Copy TO "coll://workfiles" MAKELINK? And then? :blush:

Don't use a collection. Use a normal folder containing shortcuts.

ok I'm testing it - now I have a folder with shortcuts and also the context menu command to send shortcuts to the folder. But this system seems not to work with the menu button, namely now when I click on the button containing the menu button with
a "Go X:\workfilesselection" inside it does not show the files at all (although if I have the same thing as a collection, namely "Go coll://workfilesselection" it shows a list of files - why do they work differently anyway?). Additionally, if I click on it it opens the folder "workselection" (as the command says), so I don't understand why is this supposed to work...

Can it be made that when I click on the button containing the menu entry it shows the list of files instead of the menu button icon and label (just like it does if I put "coll" instead of drive letter)?

If this doesn't make sense, I'll just make a video explanation.

Ah I'm silly, I forgot to add FOLDERCONTENT after the Go ... Everything works!

Just one thing and it'll be perfect: How can I make it so that DOpus doesn't add "Shortcut to" when a shortcut is sent to the "workfilesselection" folder, but something else (or just nothing)?

Use something like this:

@nofilenamequoting Copy TO "C:\blah" MAKELINK AS "{file|noext}.lnk"

It works. Thank you so much!