Beta won't start on Ru machine

After updating to version 13 (any 34, 35, 36) and even after a clean installation, Directory Opus does not start, no windows appear. dopusrt.exe is active in the task manager, when you try to launch Opus from a shortcut or directly from dopus.exe, the process appears for a second and ends again. Windows 10 Pro Russian, tested on two computers, including a clean installation of Windows.

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We don't have any other reports like this, with a lot of people using it now, so it's likely something specific to your machine.

First thing I'd check is antivirus, in case it's killing the process when it launches.

I tested on two different computers. One of them has a clean installation of Windows. And in both cases the behavior is the same.

It's working for every other person, so there must be some difference.

You could try using Process Monitor to see what happens just before the program exits. (8.3 MB)
Here is the Process Monitor log file. I also found out that when I switch the system language to English, Opus starts up normally, but when I switch the system language to Russian, it doesn't start again.

I found out that version 13 does not contain a Russian language file. If you add it from version 12, Opus will display a message about the incorrect version of the localization file, rather than closing. Most likely, if you edit the file version to, like the other files, Opus will launch. Can I try this?

Unfortunately our Russian translator dropped out so we do not currently have a translation for Opus 13.

There are thousands of new strings and dialogs in the new version so even if you could get it to accept the old language library (which I don't think would work) it won't work anyway.

If the configured language library is missing it's supposed to drop back automatically to running in English, so not sure why that's not working for you - we'll have a look at that as a bug. But running in English is probably your only option for now (unless you want to volunteer to do the translation!).

Thanks for the ProcMon log!

Looking at that, this probably is a bug, happening if the language is set to Russian. It's trying to load rus.dll over and over, but the file isn't there (as Jon says above).

We'll look into that and get it fixed, as it should let you run in another language even if the language it expects isn't there.

If you could share the translation source files, I could help with it. I have already been translating some projects, for example, I was reworking the Russian translation of KOReader.

Please contact me directly greg@... for details if you wish to volunteer to continue with the translations.

Sent a message by email.

I think I've found and fixed the reason why the 13.0.36 and earlier weren't starting if the machine was set to Russian. (Could potentially affect other languages, if the language DLL was missing.)

That fix will be in 13.0.37. Please let us know if you still see problems once that version is out.

I would like to ask if my email reached or went into spam?

It's still early morning where Greg is, so he probably hasn't seen it yet.

Ok, the latest version is working, the English interface automatically turned on. In the meantime, I will be translating into Russian, it will take some time, but I hope I can finish it before the end of the month.


Thank you!

I'm sorry, I don't have time to finish the translation before the end of the month, I underestimated the amount of work. A lot of things have to be translated anew, in addition to new lines. I hope to be able to finish the translation in November. Now ~60% of the translation and editing is ready.


It's no problem, if a particular translation isn't ready for the official release it can always be released later.