Bigger Fonts Save Customization

When the computer is connected to TV and viewed from far away, it is not possible to read the file or folder names easily in normal fonts.

By pressing Ctrl + Scroll Wheel, the fonts in most Windows programs can be enlarged as it zooms the screen. Even in Directory Opus, this zooms and makes the fonts for folder and file names much bigger.

Is there any way to save this lister layout including the zoom level. I tried to save it but it does not work as when opening next time, it opens in normal font instead of zoom.

In contrast, some applications like Everywhere filename search indexing program, the zoom level last used is saved and when Everywhere is opened next time, it opens with bigger fonts directly.

Thanking in advance for any help that can be provided to resolve this.

At the moment, you can set the font sizes in the preferences only (under -> display -> colors & fonts), if you would like tu use a larger default font.

If you want two different font sizes, not large fonts all the time, then it would be possible via a fairly simple script add-in.

Out of the box, the only way to save font size changes is via Preferences, as Abr says above.

Hi Leo, Will it be possible to share the fairly simple script add-in code and how to include it in Directory Opus to make the above workable ?

It would have to be written, unless someone has one already that I'm not aware of.

We may be able to help once things are less busy, but probably not for a few days at least.

There's some discussion of a similar idea here if anyone else wants to have a go:

A variable could be used as the trigger instead of the example which triggers based on the folder path. A button pr hotkey could then toggle the variable. Alternatively, the script could potentially use WMI to detect the monitor configuration and do things automatically, but that's more complex.

It's also worth noting that if you have Windows set to use a different DPI on your TV then font size changes are handled automatically if using the Opus 12 public beta.