Bug in Copy/Move Operation Progress Graph

This is to report a bug I found in the Copy/Move operation progress (speed) graph of DOpus 12. I posted it yesterday in another, related thread, but I later removed it from there, because I thought it should have its own, separate thread.

Bug description:
The problem occurs when copying/moving many (at least two) large files in sequence, where the data transfer speed changes drastically between files. In such cases, the speed progress shown in the progress graph may become highly inaccurate. For example, if a "slow" file (e.g., due to fragmentation) is followed by a "fast" file, the graph curve may actually drop by a large amount, when in fact the speed has significantly increased.

How to reproduce the bug:
Suppose you copy two large files from one HD to another (in a single operation, i.e., you select them and copy them in one go). Also, suppose the 1st file is heavily fragmented (resulting in very slow data transfer speed), but the 2nd one is non-fragmented (resulting in a speed that is several times higher than that of the 1st file). During the course of the file copying operation, when transitioning from the 1st (slow) file to the 2nd (fast) file, the graph curve DROPS instead of rising, giving the wrong impression that the speed has decreased, while the exact opposite has happened! I believe the code is applying some sort of auto-scaling algorithm, but only to each file's segment, and not to the entire graph, resulting in a single graph containing many segments with different scaling factors, and hence causing this heavy distortion. It happened to me just yesterday, but I wasn't quick enough to take a screenshot to show you... Just try it and you will see what I mean.

I haven't confirmed this yet on my own machine, but that does sound wrong.

We've been thinking about re-writing the graph to change how it works and make it nicer to look at (which is the main purpose of it, to be honest!), and this adds to the case for doing that.

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This may not be a bug in the graph itself. At times I notice very strange transfer speeds, showing values which are impossible or just way too high for the devices involved. If that weird transfer speed is the data basis for the graph, then it might lead to weird visuals there as well.