Copy/Move Operation Progress Graph Improvement

Hello to all users of Directory Opus, and many thanks to Jonathan, Leo & Greg for creating it! I'm a long-time user, and must admit that this is by far the most well-designed piece of s/w I've ever used. I appreciate its high performance, good looks, intuitive UI, and overall attention to detail. I'm a perfectionist myself, and using DOpus makes me want to meet its creators! Seriously! I hope to be able to do this some day!

On to the reason for posting. In the Move/Copy window, a progress graph was introduced (I believe it appeared in version 12). Well, this graph is the only thing I can fault in DOpus... It looks far too plain, with no units on the axes, and no quantification of the vertical grid. It's just a plain area with a graph in it, and three grid lines, but no idea of the maximum point in the graph, the values/spacing of the grid lines, or the time scale. It just looks poorly designed and does not offer much information, other than the relative changes in data transfer speed. Being an engineer, I put a lot of emphasis on these matters, especially on the presence of units and markings on graphs. Perhaps this is the reason why this graph looks so odd and "wrong" to me...

I know this is a minor issue for most users, and I know that the graph can be turned off, but it would be great if the DOpus programmers could freshen it up a bit, and add little labels (using small, unobtrusive fonts), with a few tick marks (and values) on the x- and y-axis, so that we know what we're looking at. Also, a smoothing algorithm could be applied to the curve, and the line thickened a bit, and anti-aliased, so that it looks beautiful and smooth, instead of having a jagged, staircase look. Finally, vertical dashed lines (or even bands with alternating colours) could be added, to mark the beginning and end of each file operation (in cases where the operation involves more than one file). I know that it's often difficult to write routines to take care of such things, especially since these routines must be able to adapt to different situations, but it may be worth giving it a try.

Again, almost a non-issue for most users, I know, but I thought that the near-perfect state of DOpus justifies taking care of such fine attention to detail as my above suggestion.

Many thanks again for giving us DOpus!

Edit: Yesterday I found a bug that is related to the above mentioned progress graph, the details of which I posted here, but later moved to its own, separate thread.


It would also be great if the progress dialog displayed the grand total size of the files being copied or moved. Along the lines of: Total Progress: 200 MB / 2.7GB (7%). Thanks.

I have also asked in a previous thread to show the Total size files folders and the total that has been copied already but your reply was that other people disliked it!? Well it seems that I am not the only one who need this so maybe you can add this option to be optional so if other users will not want it they can turn this off.


I really don't understand why it has become so controversial that users didn't like it? This constant indication of how much was copied out of the total is the best indicator of the copy operation progress. Please make this option user selectable to turn it on/off.

It's not that controversial, it's just that the dialog used to be very cluttered and we want to avoid going back to that by adding too much information to it.

Please also link your account for making feature requests.

Since you are considering redesigning the "Copy Progress Dialog" can you please add Total Copied in Bytes, MBytes,GBytes /Out of Total to be copied to the dialog box . This information is the most useful one to know how much is actually been copied and left to be copied.

Thank you

No offense, did anyone ever complain about too much details in a pro-gress dialog in pro-fessional software like this? o) I'm still thinking of the DO v9 dialog, it used all the space for all the details the professional/nerd is looking for, it was perfect to me. o)

It's so long ago I am not sure, but I think I did, if that still counts. I was a user back then. :slight_smile:

Mhh, quite hard to decide whether your voice still counts regarding this. o)

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