Bug report: the attributes field won't (really) go

For the default folder format on my local hard disks, I removed the Attributes field, since I don't need this information.

Every time I restart DOpus, it will restart with the last tabs that were open. I run DOpus automatically when Windows starts. From time to time DOpus or Windows may crash. When I restart the computer, DOpus wouldn't start on my usual tabs, but on the last open folder (the one that I worked on only once, not my usual ones, is this another bug?). Now, when it starts, it shows the default factory folder format, which includes file attributes, that I don't want.

So, it resets the displayed fields to the factory default (it doesn't consider my settings) and still show the file Attributes. I have to manually go through the tabs and choose Folder Formats / Reset to Custom, so that I have Attributes hidden and my settings to be respected.

Additional information about my configuration:
I have content detection turned on. I usually run only one instance of DOpus with the same set of saved tabs, but from time to time I ask another piece of software to locate some files on the disk, which in most cases would open a new DOpus window with one tab (some other software open Windows Explorer; is this a bug?). When I finish with that folder, I close this new window and keep my usual DOpus window.

Have you followed all the steps in the Folder Formats FAQ?

(If you already have, have a look at the Advanced version of it for more details, e.g. about using the format lock to find out where a format came from.)

Thank you, Leo.
I went through that again and, for as long as I remember, this is what I have done previously.
Nevertheless, I did it again and I will let you if this helped or if the problem arises again.

2 differences to that article: I don't have the Custom format in the Folder Formats; and I enabled content detection again, since I find it very useful (but I looked through Music / Images / Videos / Documents folder formats so that they don't have the attribute field set).

You must have the Custom format; it's the only one you can't turn off.

Right, the French translation is a bit different: "Default folders" (Dossiers par défaut). Now I'll see if that article helps.

As I said, I followed your guide and this seems to have solved the problem. However, it looks like this removed the formats for the search results and the duplicate collections. I had to reconstruct them manually.

When I view folders in flat view, the column Location should appear automatically. But, as far as I remember, DOpus has stopped showing it since I followed this reset procedure. And I can’t find any method to put it back, unless I restart with new settings. Any tips on how to show the Location column automatically when you view a folder in flat view ?

There is a folder format for Flat View, in Preferences with all the other folder formats.

Thank you, leo. For some unknown reason, all the default formats were disabled in my configuration. And the integrated preference filter didn't show the flat view was there. As a suggestion, I think it would be a good idea if the filter could find items in this list, too (it can find styles, why couldn't it find folder formats?)

When you save a format "for all folders" I think it turns off all the defaults now (otherwise it wouldn't really affect all folders; it confused people in the past when it didn't turn them off).

The prefs filter won't find styles by name. It doesn't currently search any list that can contain user-defined names (like styles and folder formats), mainly due to the potential for those names to contain things that would confuse the filtering code.