Bulk jpg Change Date Modified to be EXIF Date Taken

I am running DO 11.17 x64.
I have a number of jpg files for which I wish to set the Date/time Created and Modified Date/time to be the EXIF Date Taken.
If I use the Metadata Pane I can do this for a single jpg at a time, but when I try and do a bulk change of jpg files I am only offered the ability to copy between the file's system dates and I am not offered the ability to pick from the EXIF date filed.
How can I do a bulk clean up of my photographs?

I almost had the same question, before i read this post. :open_mouth: :laughing:

Maybe i forgot to check one check box in my image editor, so i ended up with the times when i saved the images. It must be some combination of the SetAttr command & "search & replace".

This looks like a bug, although we have not fully investigated it yet.

It seems to happen if files are added to the selection after the metadata panel has opened.

So, a workaround for now: If the panel is already open, just toggle it closed and then re-open it, and the full set of options should be there.

Despite the bug, isn't the better approach to use "SetAttr META createdate:datetaken" from a button, as you (Leo) already told in the other thread?

Depends how often you want to do it.

Thanks, i can use that the next time it happens.